Kanye’s Original Famous Lyrics About Taylor Swift Have Leaked


TayTay fans across the globe are royally pissed off after the original lyrics from Kanye’s Famous were released where he makes some pretty big remarks about Taylor. 

Famous came out back in February on Kanye’s album, The Life of Pablo, yet eight months later and we’re still talking about it.

Why? Because the original lyrics from Famous have just been leaked where Kanye claims ‘Taylor Swift still owes me sex’, reports Elite Daily.


In the officially released version of the song, Kanye raps:

For all my Southside niggas that know me best,
I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex,
Why? I made that bitch famous.

However in the unreleased version claims Kanye had originally planned on rapping:

I feel like Taylor Swift still owe me sex,
I feel like Amber Rose still owe me sex, why,
I made that bitch famous,
Not really, but somewhat famous.

Yep, I bet Taylor is just delighted that this has come to light after the whole Kimye Vs Swift feud in the past.


But don’t worry – her army of fans are on the case after pioneering the hashtag #kanyewestexposedparty where they claim to have ‘exposed’ Kanye for all he is.

What a time to be alive…