Katy Perry Reveals Which Member Of One Direction Keeps Trying To Pull Her


You’d imagine that superstar Katy Perry is no stranger to men flirting with her but apparently a certain member of One Direction really puts in the effort…

The popstar has revealed on Australian radio that she has had to reject the adorable Niall Horan on more than one occasion.

Katy discussed the situation whilst promoting their upcoming performance on The Voice Australia.


Speaking to Nova FM earlier today, the 32-year-old said:

He is always trying to get my number to like, flirt with me. I could babysit him, I’m like his mum.

Katy was then asked if 23-year-old Niall was coming on too strong to which she replied:

No, no, no, he’s got lots of pull – don’t you worry about that! Niall is amazing, I love him.


The popstar was part of the X-Factor judging panel when One Direction was formed.

She joked that she can claim responsibility for his success:

I think we feel connected in a way… He’s become a big star and I’m like, cool, I guess that means I have taste.

Sorry Niall, looks like it is never going to happen mate.