Keyboard Warrior Azealia Banks Aims Fresh Attack At The UK


Keyboard warrior, self-proclaimed witch, and occasional musician – when she isn’t getting cancelled – Azealia Banks has taken aim at the UK once again.

The ‘212’ star has left many people scratching their heads with her numerous social media outbursts, but Banks crossed a line with a racist tirade aimed at Zayn Malik last month.

She was pulled from the Born and Bred festival as the UK struck back as a result of her ignorant ramblings.

The festival was this weekend, and it seems those sour grapes didn’t start tasting any sweeter to Banks over time…


She said on Instagram:

he footage from the born and bred festival in the UK this weekend completely proved my point about UK rappers. Every single act looked sloppy, drunk, and uncoordinated, the crowd looked drunk and disinterested.

A musty sausage fest if you ask me. The cancellation was completely hypocritical as my music is LADEN with racial and derogatory insults.

It seems the festival promoter have no problem with my use of the word n***** as long as it is directed at myself and my own people.

All and all, the festival sucked, you guys are hypocrites, grime still sucks and so does UK rap. If it didn’t suck, you wouldn’t have needed a rapper from NYC to headline the s***. Peace & love from the 212! AB.

It’s times like these Banks should learn to take her own advice…

Shock horror, Banks later deleted the post – possibly at the request of a publicist who would like her to stop committing career suicide quite so frequently.

Ah Azealia, will you ever learn? Or will you just keep posting whatever garbage pops into your head and labelling anyone who disagrees as ‘haters’?

I think we all know the likelier result…