Kojey Radical Shares His Race & Class Struggles In Track ‘Gallons’


London based musician and spoken word poet Kojey Radical transcends the U.K. music scene as he shares his struggle with race, class and survival in his most recent track ‘Gallons’.

Kojey uses his words to draw attention to current issues of social unrest in the community.

Speaking about the track, he said:

Gallons is the kind of record I want played very loudly at my funeral. It’s how I feel every time I see my brothers get stopped and searched or when I hear about another person of colour amount to nothing more than commemorative hashtag.

Gallons is a uniting of class, it’s a celebration of struggle. The conversation doesn’t die when you kill us. Seeds of positivity will ensure that the beauty in all our differences will come together and grow for future generations.

This is just the beginning. A new project and a new way of thinking is on it’s way.

That’s a promise.

The beautifully haunting film, by JFC Worldwide and directed by long term collaborators THE REST, sheds light on a version of inner city London many haven’t seen.

Kojey and PW’s performance paints an artistic portrayal of their reality with a very strong ending message held by Kojey’s nephew reading ‘My Life Matters’.

Although the visual illustrates a dark dystopia, the single exuberates hope by uniting class and celebrating the power behind struggle.

Widely credited for his subversive storytelling, in October Kojey took part in his second Boiler Room alongside Saul Williams where they discussed the importance and power of poetry and lyricism for an occasion they called The Appreciation of Lyricism.

Fader also described his performances as ‘breathtaking’ with a ‘near-terrifying conviction’ while listing him as one of 15 UK artist to watch in 2017.

Kojey will now most likely be found making more magic in the studio while he works on his next project.

Keep up the powerful work, we can’t and won’t stop watching!