Kurt Cobain’s Hair And Personal Items Are Being Sold At Creepiest Auction Ever


Have your debit or credit card at the ready if you want to own some of the worlds creepiest Nirvana paraphernalia.

The mystery surrounding grunge legend Kurt Cobain’s death has fueled a morbid fascination with the musician’s life, and it seems that many people will part with thousands of dollars to own a part of it.

Online auction house Julien’s Live is currently selling off a lock of the Nirvana frontman’s hair, and the iconic cardigan worn during the band’s MTV Unplugged set.

The hair was supposedly given to doll maker Dame Darcy by Courtney Love in order to create a doll for Cobain’s daughter. So far it has been subject to two bids and the price is now set at $5,000 (roughly £3,250).

Julien's Live
Julien's Live

The cardigan is unsurprisingly proving more popular, which has dramatically increased the price. If you want to wear it and rock about your front room doing your best Kurt impression you will have to beat the current bid of $30,000 (about £19,500) before the auction closes on Saturday.

Among the current listings there are also several items that have already been snapped up, and you have to ask what people plan to do with them.

Various hospital records, a patient report, fingerprints, and receipts have all fetched a pretty penny as they contain Kurt’s signature.

Julien's Live
Julien's Live
Julien's Live
Julien's Live

If you have the money and are some type of biological scientist plotting to create a Kurt clone then I get what might be driving the price up, but a lock of hair selling for over $3,800 (about £2,500) more than what it took to buy one of the band’s platinum records? Crazy.


Kieron Curtis

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