Lady Gaga Fans Hit Back At Super Bowl Bodyshamers


Lady Gaga pulled off one of the best performances in Super Bowl history – but apparently there was one thing distracting from it all.

Her ‘pot belly’.

Yes, apparently it’s not enough to be globally recognised as one of the greatest living pop icons of our time. You also have to have a six-pack while doing it.

Naturally, the social media jerks of the Internet wasted no time in raining bad vibes down on Twitter:

But because the world is a strange place and women got confused about what our purpose is on earth (which is apparently to be an image of sexual perfection), a few Twitter users began to voice their opinion on Gaga and her normal-person stomach:

It seems there’s a general theme here: The topic of Lady Gaga’s stomach should not be a topic.

So why are people making a big deal about it?

We’re living in a time where young girls and even grown women compare themselves to the unattainable-without-eight-hours-of-exercise-a-day body types of supermodels.

It seems what the critics and supporters are trying to say, is that Gaga’s completely normal body represents the masses. The fact that she performed in front of millions of people in a crop top sans six-pack is seen as inspirational.


And it’s inspirational in itself to see young women sticking up for every body type – on one hand.

On the other, it’s sad that this was ever a topic – a woman’s so-called ‘flab’ or lack thereof shouldn’t be riveting news.

Does Gaga’s lack of a six-pack take away from her six Grammy Awards, Woman of the Year win, role model status or pop star brilliance? No. No it doesn’t.