Las Vegas Police Issue New Statement Over Tupac’s Murder

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The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department have released a statement concerning the death of iconic rapper Tupac Shakur.

Tupac’s murder, at the age of just 25-years-old, has gained increased public attention as of late, thanks in part to an intriguing new documentary.

The documentary series – entitled Unsolved, the Tupac and Biggie Murders – includes footage from Duane Keith ‘Keffe D’ Davis, a former gang member who’s long been connected with the Las Vegas shooting.

Davis – who’s the uncle of murder suspect Orlando Anderson – confessed to having been in the car from which the shots were fired, back in September 1996.

Speaking in the documentary, Davis said he’s chosen to speak out because of his cancer diagnosis:

I was a Compton kingpin, drug dealer, I’m the only one alive who can really tell you the story about the Tupac killing,

People have been pursuing me for 20 years, I’m coming out now because I have cancer. And I have nothing else to lose.

All I care about now is the truth. All the chicks was like ‘Tupac’, and he was like ‘hey’ like a celebrity, like he was in a parade.

If he wouldn’t even have been out the window we would have never have seen him.

Although Davis admitted the shots had been fired from the back of the vehicle, he refused to name the murderer, on account of his ‘street code.’

At the time of the shooting, Davis had been seated in the front passenger seat, with Terrence ‘T-Brown’ Brown driving the vehicle. Davis’ nephew, Anderson, had been sat in the back, alongside Deandre ‘Dre’ Smith.

Davis had previously named the alleged shooter in a confession taken from police files. However, he later denied making the statement and was not charged.

According to LA Weekly, Davis made the following reply when asked if Anderson shot across Smith:

He leaned over, and Orlando rolled down the window, and popped him. If they would have drove on my side, I would have popped them. But they was on the other side.

Executive producer of Unsolved, Kyle Long, believes Davis needs to be investigated further by police:

He went live on television and confessed to being an accessory to murder and the Las Vegas PD, as far as I know, is doing nothing about it.

I just think it’s outrageous.

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The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department released a statement to Fox 5 Vegas reporter, Adam Herbets, in response to the comments made in the documentary, denying accounts an arrest is imminent:

We are aware of the statements made in the BET interview regarding the Tupac case.

As a result of those statements we have spent the last several months reviewing the case in its entirety.

Various reports that an arrest warrant is about to be submitted are inaccurate.

The police representative added how the murder ‘remains an open homicide case.’

Unsolved, the Tupac and Biggie Murders is now available to watch on Netflix in the UK. An absolute must see for anybody interested in true crime.

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