Liam Gallagher Responds Perfectly To Being Mistaken For Noel By Mo Farah


Of all of the brothers in all of the world, the two you really don’t want to mix up are Liam and Noel Gallagher.

But that’s exactly what national treasure, Sir Mo Farah, did at a U2 concert at Twickenham in London last night when he met one former lead member of Oasis and all-round High Flying Bird, Noel.

Taking to Twitter to share this magical moment, Farah shared a photograph captioned: “Chilling with my boy liamgallagher U2 concert in Twickenham..!! #roadtolondon #mofarah”.

Now, considering Liam Gallagher makes no secret of his feelings towards Noel – and thinks his little brother looks like a potato – you might imagine he’d take offence to the confusion.

However, Mo did manage to get the right Gallagher on Instagram, which maybe appeased the Mancunian front man.

Gallagher apparently saw the funny side of being compared to his brother, a man he recently slammed for not showing up to the One Love Manchester concert in remembrance of the victims of the Manchester terror attack.

He also called Noel a ‘beige boy’ because he supported U2, adding there’s ‘nothing worse than being blanked by the naffest fans in the world.’

Liam responded accordingly:

Noel Gallagher supported U2 at London’s Twickenham Stadium for two nights of their Joshua Tree anniversary tour. They even delivered a performance of Don’t Look Back In Anger together.

Liam accused Noel of ‘brown-nosing’ Bono and his cohorts, commenting that he’d rather ‘eat shit’ than listen to their music because they’re a ‘naff band’ that are ‘full of shit’.

Ahhhh, brotherly love.