Liam Gallagher Tweeted About Noel Crying At We Are Manchester Gig, Massively Backfires


Liam Gallagher has warned his fans not to buy into his brother Noel’s ‘PR stunt’ where he cried on stage during the We Are Manchester concert on Saturday night.

The 5o-year-old singer welled up as he closed the gig in benefit for the victims of the Manchester Arena terrorist attack on May 22.

LG wasn’t having any of it, taking to Twitter to vent about his older brother who he says ‘doesn’t give a f**k.’

Liam Tweeted:

NG broke down in tears cmon you seriously ain’t buying that he doesn’t give a f**k.

Don’t buy into his PR stunt he doesn’t give a f**k if the same thing had have gone off in Edinburgh he’d been up there like a shot ahem.

And fans weren’t best pleased with Liam’s smearing of his brother:

Liam had criticised Noel once before after he failed to show up to the One Love Manchester concert in June.

In an interview with Chris Moyles, Liam said he missed the ‘old Noel’ who was a bit ‘of a f**king lad’ who he had a laugh with.