Liam Gallagher Was Asked If He Was On Cocaine During Graham Norton Show

by : Francesca Donovan on : 11 Oct 2017 08:49

Liam Gallagher has had to deflect many an intrusive question over his decades in the limelight. 

Between his ‘little fallout’ with Idris Elba, the inherent creepiness of saxophones, his numerous and all-encompassing Twitter spats and that infamous ‘frayed’ relationship with Noel, his time on Graham Norton’s red couch was no different.


You can watch him succinctly explain himself in the clip below:

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Audiences were quick to call the former Oasis frontman out for his so-called erratic behaviour, as he rubbed his head and legs, in what looked more nervous tick than drug-fuelled itch.

After the charged appearance on The Graham Norton Show, which aired last Friday, Liam continued the promo tour for his new best-selling album on the wilds of the world wide web; Reddit, to be precise.

Francesca Donovan

During a recent Reddit AMA, one brave soul worked up the courage to ask Gallagher:

How much marching powder had gone up your nose before the Norton interview? Got standing tickets for Birmingham in December, can’t fucking wait! Legend.

Never far away from a quick quip, Liam replied:


I don’t do cocaine before a performance smart ass. I wait until afterwards.


In his defence, the 45-year-old vocalist has recently taken up running and claims to be the fittest he’s ever been.

During an interview with Chris Moyles, he said:


I f*cking love [running], man. Some days, when you’re hungover, you’re thinking, I can’t be arsed, but once you get out there, it’s the best thing ever. Everything just falls in to place. I run for about an hour.

Up hills, down hills. I don’t time myself, I ain’t got one of them silly watches and I don’t listen to music. Just run, I’m like Forrest Gump, but cooler-looking.


With his new album As You Were outselling the rest of the top 20 combined, Liam Gallagher’s debut album is set to become the highest-selling UK number one album since Ed Sheeran’s ÷.

FYI, his favourite song off the album is Greedy Soul, which, incidentally, is also Peggy’s favourite.


We’ve also recently discovered that Gallagher’s real name is actually William John Paul Gallagher and ‘Liam’ comes from the end of William, which is a traditional shortening in Ireland, from where the Gallaghers’ parents hail.


For more mind-blowing insight into the life and times of our kid, the Reddit AMA, titled aptly, ‘I’m Liam Gallagher. And you are not’, is a pretty good place to start – but not if you want to hear any more about how ‘cool’ Chris Martin of Coldplay is or the further details of how much he dislikes his ‘potato’ of a brother, Noel.

In the AMA, Gallagher reveals he doesn’t make his own tea anymore, he misses his mam, if he could open for any band in the world it’d be The Rolling Stones, he wants ‘a splash of tourette’s’ for Christmas, his favourite sport in the world is boxing and his favourite drink is alcohol.

Cigarettes and alcohol it is then. As you were.

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