Liam Gallagher’s Real Name Is Blowing People’s Minds

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Liam Gallagher isn’t Liam Gallagher’s real name and his fans can’t handle it.

We’re used to rockstars changing their names from the mundane to something outrageous like Marilyn Manson (Brian Hugh Warner), Meat Loaf (Marvin Lee Aday), Alice Cooper (Vincent Damon Furnier).


But Liam isn’t exactly a stunning stage name.

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That’s not to insult any Liams out there, not least because my editor is called Liam. Indeed Liam is the most popular boys name in Canada at the moment and the second most popular boys name in America.

The name peaked in popularity in Gallagher’s native UK in 1996, around the time when Oasis were going their most mental in the press. Possibly a coincidence.

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However, Liam is not Liam Gallagher’s actual name, he was named William John Paul Gallagher.

Liam comes from the end of William, which is a traditional shortening in Ireland, where the Gallaghers’ parents are from.


It’s only a small change in the grand scheme of things but ‘William’ definitely has different connotations to ‘Liam’, possibly because we’ve had four Kings called William and currently have a future king called William.

So far zero royalty called Liam. Almost certainly because it was rarely used outside of Ireland.

Kings and rock bands who hail from council estates don’t really fit in the same box.

Regardless, the name change has left fans baffled:


Although, one eagle-eyed fan did notice that his full name does almost dictate his future rise to king of frontmen:


If you’re an Oasis fan and want to learn more about the band you should check out the upcoming documentary about the band:

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There’s also a just a two-week wait for Liam Gallagher’s first ever solo-album ‘As You Were’ which drops October 6.

A great time to be a Gallagher fan.

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