Lil Tjay Says Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Team Offered Him $3 Million To Beef

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Lil Tjay Says Tekashi 6ix9ine's Team Offered Him $3 Million To Beefliltjay/Instagram/6ix9ine/Instagram

Lil Tjay says Tekashi 6ix9ine’s team offered him $3 million to troll on social media. 

The GOOBA rapper has been allegedly attempting to bribe other artists to beef with him online. Most recently, Chicago’s Lil Durk claimed Tekashi’s team also offered him $3 million to ‘keep trolling’.


Sharing a screenshot of Lil Durk’s video on his Instagram, the Sex Sounds artist supported the allegation, writing, ‘They did the same sh*t with me!!!! F*ck his money!’

Both Lil Durk and Tekashi – real name Daniel Hernandez – have been sparring across social media for a while now. However, it appears the latter rapper wants that publicity to blossom further.

In an earlier Instagram Live stream, Lil Durk explained: 


That bitch-ass n**** label call me. Somebody from his camp. I ain’t gonna say his label. Somebody from his camp called somebody from my camp talkin’ ’bout they’ll give me $3 million to keep trolling with this n****.

Dead. I hope y’all on here lookin’ and listenin’. That sh*t dead, man. I ain’t never gon’ turn my back on the f*ckin’ streets, ever. I’m the fucking voice, know what I’m sayin’? That money sh*t ain’t gonna change a muthaf*cka. So I ain’t never gon’ respond to this n**** ever f*ckin’ again. Say what you want, do what you want. You can’t f*cking troll me n****, I’m the streets.

It comes after Tekashi made similar claims, albeit without naming names. In a recent video posted to DJ Akademiks’s Instagram, the 24-year-old claims a rapper – presumably, Lil Durk – wanted to fly him out to Los Angeles to help promote his album.

Tekashi said: 


They said: ‘His last album flopped.’ I said: ‘How did it flop?’ They said: ‘It only sold 45K. We doing everything we could do to help him. We got him a Drake feature. We did all of the above and he just floppin’. N***** selling 45K thinking they can compete with me. They tryin’ to pay me $5 million, can you believe that?


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While standing next to a Hollywood Hills swimming pool, Tekashi also seemed to taunt any gang members who wanted to hurt him following his controversial testimony against the Nine Trey Bloods gang.

He said, ‘Oh, by the way, we in L.A. right now, come get this building. Look, let me give y’all a head start… First come, first served!’

The chronicles of Tekashi will inevitably, mercilessly continue. However, one thing is certain – paying people to troll with you is embarrassing.


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