Machine Gun Kelly’s Diss Track To Eminem Was ‘Recorded 6 Months Ago’

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Another day, another strange turn in the increasingly epic feud between rappers, Eminem, and Machine Gun Kelly.

But now it appears there’s a strange twist in the tale, forcing hip hop fans to question everything they know to be true about the heated rivalry.

Indeed, some people are now arguing how the beef could be way more contrived than perhaps either of the artists would care to let on…

Both Eminem and MGK are signed to Interscope Records, with their respective diss tracks generating plenty of media attention both for themselves and the record label.

Producer Ronald Spence Jr. – also known as Ronny J – worked with both rivals on Rap Devil and Not Alike. Ronny co-wrote and produced MGK’s Rap Devil, and produced for Eminem’s Not Alike and The Ringer.

Furthermore, eagle eyed fans have noted how diss track Rap Devil was uploaded six months ago by MGK; thus ‘proving’ the 28-year-old rapper did not write, record, master the track – plus make music video – in a mere two days.

Could this bloody battle of words have been months in the making? It’s certainly fair to say both rappers are being heaped with success right now, surely helped along by a little shot of drama…

Conspiracy about Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly.Soundcloud

Fans have taken to Twitter to discuss the theory which is making them re-evaluate everything, with some dismissing the bad blood as pure fiction.

One suspicious person mused:

It’s all inside work both have dealings at Interscope MGK and Eminem what better way of giving his career a breath of fresh air is dissing one of the larger acts on the imprint. [sic]

Another noted:

@Interscope is the real winner in this beef. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have someone writing @machinegunkelly’s response to @Eminem’s Killshot right now. [sic]

It’s mad obvious from MGK’s previous music he didn’t write Rap Devil. It’ll be even more obvious if he responds. [sic]

Even those from within the music industry have waded in to share their thoughts.

American rapper, OverTime, took to Facebook to express his professional opinion on the matter:

The Eminem/MGK beef was fake. Here’s my professional opinion as to why I believe this to be true.

1. Although they are both from different sub labels, they are both with Interscope which means Jimmy Iovine is involved with both of their careers. (He’s in charge, regardless of what ANYONE wants to believe and he’s not gonna cut off his nose to spite his face) [sic]

2. Em dropped a new album and I feel like this “beef” was part of the rollout. We’re talking about some superior industry professionals releasing an album here….everything is carefully calculated… [sic]

His post continued:

3. If it weren’t a part of Em’s rollout, then he would have never responded because if it wasn’t spun exactly how Em wanted it to be spun, it would have drawn attention away from his album, something he would never do. His response and response time tells me how calculated it all was. [sic]

4. It took Em a week to respond on purpose. The promotion for Kamikaze from the “beef” sent a HUGE spike in sales….soon as sales began to taper, Em released his response which then catapulted him back into conversation. [sic]

In the industry, we are taught to set a rollout timeline for a record…which means a video release schedule, press schedule, etc…

We will know this all to be true if MGK drops a full record within the next little bit. (Google it, MGK set to release a record September 21st)…….you’re welcome… [sic]

The Eminem/MGK beef was fake.Here's my professional opinion as to why I believe this to be true.1. Although they are…

Posted by OverTime on Monday, 17 September 2018

The plot thickens…

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