Machine Gun Kelly’s Savage Response To Eminem Calling Him Out at Gig

by : Lucy Connolly on : 21 Feb 2019 15:16
Eminem and Machine Gun KellyEminem and Machine Gun KellyPA Images

2019 promised to be a fresh start for everyone and the new year gave us a chance to leave things that belonged in the past inn the past.


For example: the seemingly never-ending feud between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly, which has been going on for so long I’ve forgotten why it even started.

But if you hoped their feud was a thing of the long-forgotten past, you’d be painfully mistaken because the two rappers just can’t seem to let it go. Like, at all.

To briefly summarise, it all started when MGK – real name Richard Colson Baker – called Eminem’s daughter, Hailie, ‘fit as fuck’ in a tweet in 2012. And the beef only intensified last year when the rappers released a series of diss tracks.


Eminem took a shot at MGK in his song Not Alike on his 2018 album Kamikaze, to which the 28-year-old responded to the Rap God with a song titled Rap Devil.

Slim put an end to the diss track back and forth with his song Kill Shot, but again, you’d be sadly mistaken if you thought that was the end of their feud. That’s because Kelly ended 2018 by declaring, ‘fuck rap god [I’m] the rap devil’, on his Instagram page.

Now you’re caught up on the ins and outs of why the rappers seem to hate each other, we can fast forward to this week – when Em called out MGK at a gig in Australia and MGK has now responded in typical fashion.

The Lose Yourself singer was performing in Brisbane when the crowd started chanting for him to play his MGK diss-track Kill Shot. Instead of giving the audience what they wanted though, Em took it as an opportunity to insult his nemesis.

In response to fans, he said:

I would, but I don’t want to give that cocksucker any more fucking light.


He then said:

Brisbane, did y’all enjoy yourselves tonight? Make some noise for your fucking selves and make nothing for MGK.

Obviously, Kelly wasn’t going to let things lie because where would be the fun in that? Apart from for the rest of us, who really just want this thing to come to an end.

Taking to Twitter yesterday (February 20), the Bad Things rapper made it clear that he wanted the last word on the pair’s feud.

Take a look below:

In MGK’s mind, Em made the right decision not to play his ‘weak ass song’ because it would have put the entire audience to sleep.

Em hasn’t replied (yet) but there’s no doubt he will soon – whether it’s in the form of a tweet or a diss track is anyone’s guess, though.

Ah, to simpler times.

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