Mariah Carey Pulls Most Mariah Carey Move Ever For Her Birthday

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Mariah Carey is never one to shy away from the limelight and ultimately she’s just a bit of a diva- just like any global superstar should be.

So one thing she probably loves in life more than anything, is probably herself. And her latest birthday party pretty much proves that.

#Bianca returns ???

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While in Europe for her Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour, the singer celebrated at an 18th-century Italian villa along Lake Como.

She came up with the perfect theme- forcing all her 40 guests dress up as her. Wow, just wow. Mariah decided to dress as her alter ego, Bianca, who you might recall from her 1999 Heartbreaker video.

God only knows what her other guests decided to rock up in, but you could probably expect glittery gold tube tops, belly chains and rainbow spray paint. What a treat.

This isn’t the only thing to confirm Mariah’s love for herself, as it was all for a new eight episode docu-series which is set to be released in the run-up to her wedding to billionaire James Packer called, you guessed it, Mariah’s World. What else?

Ladies and gentlemen… #Bianca ???

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What a time to be alive!