Martin Shkreli Releases Bizarre Ghostface Killah Diss Video


Everything Martin Shkreli does these days just doesn’t surprise me anymore.

He became the most hated man on the internet after raising the price of a HIV drug by 5,500 per cent – he then backtracked and said he wouldn’t raise the price, but then did it anyway, because money.

But then last month it seemed he got his just desserts after being arrested on fraud charges and having to resign as CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals.

His arrogance on social media, where he boasts about his monumental wealth, is all just an act too, apparently. But the latest spate of twattery from the former pharmaceutical boss is just completely bizarre.


Martin Shkreli has launched an odd attack on rapper Ghostface Killah. In a video posted online, Martin Shkreli poses with a group of friends and turns his sarcasm to the Wu-Tang Clan star.

In the video, Shkreli says: “You’re not a Ghostface Killah, I’m sorry… You think it’s OK to beef with me. But that’s a big mistake … you’re an old man who has lost his relevance.”

The 32-year-old previously revealed that in December he spent $2m to buy the sole copy of Wu-Tang’s album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.


Ghostface has previously said that he’s rather unimpressed, to say the least, that Shkreli had raised the price of the drugs, which are also used by pregnant women.

Speaking to TMZ, he said: “You don’t take some AIDs pill that you have for what $7 and then make it like $800.” He then described the former hedge fund manager as the ‘Michael Jackson nose kid’.


Shkreli goes on to threaten the rapper: “Without me, you’re nothing. So don’t ever mention my name again, or there’ll be more of a price to pay than this video.”

He then threatened to destroy the one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang Clan album he purchased for millions.

Looks like it’s time for Bill Murray to put that ‘heist clause‘ into effect.