Michael Buble And Luisana Lopilato Are ‘Expecting Their Third Child’

by : UNILAD on : 03 Feb 2018 13:40

Michael Bible and his wife Luisana Lopilato are reported to be expecting their third child.


The couple, who married in 2011, are already parents to two sons, four-year-old Noah and Elias, who’s two.

Little Noah was tragically diagnosed with cancer in November 2016 but has thankfully made a recovery.

Following Noah’s diagnosis, Buble chose to withdraw from hosting the Brit Awards and 2017 Juno Awards to focus on his family.


He and Luisana were told of Noah’s diagnosis by a Los Angeles hospital after it had been reportedly been initially believed it was a case of mumps.

Noah had chemotherapy and an operation before Buble released a statement saying:

We are so grateful to report that our son Noah has been progressing well during his treatment and the doctors are very optimistic about the future for our little boy.

While they have neither confirmed the news, Argentinian media are suggesting they will make an announcement ‘at the end of March’.

And according to MailOnline, Luisana’s brother Dario ‘laughed and stumbled over his words’ when he was questioned about the arrival of another niece or nephew during a recent TV interview.

Apparently Dario, hiding a smile said:

I wouldn’t be able to tell you… I swear the truth is I couldn’t tell because I don’t, I don’t, I don’t.

When it comes to thinking about it, I prefer it to be something specific because you begin to get excited. So I really couldn’t tell you.


Moments later he reportedly made a joke of pretending to leave the interview after saying he was ‘looking forward to a change of subject’.

Luisana has spoken of her desire to expand her family, recently saying:

I would love to have another child because being a mother is the best role. I would love to have 20 children but my body wouldn’t be up to it.

Last week, Luisana posted a photo on Instagram wearing a baggy sports top and people were quick to suggest she was ‘hiding something’.

One fan commenting on the photo said:

She put baggy clothes on to hide her stomach, even though she’s not heavily pregnant yet… She’s got her hands over her belly and her jacket is a size larger than the one she normally uses.

Now, obviously, Luisiana may well just be wearing a sports top, it doesn’t mean she’s ‘hiding something’, so I guess it’s up to her when and if she makes an official announcement.

All the best to them if they are indeed expecting another baby.

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