Michael Jackson Lookalike Hits Back At Trolls With Proof His Look 'Is Natural'

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Michael Jackson Lookalike Hits Back At Trolls With Proof His Look 'Is Natural'
Michael Jackson Lookalike Hits Back At Trolls With Proof His Look 'Is Natural' (News Dog Media)

A Michael Jackson lookalike has revealed his resemblance to the King of Pop is completely natural, after being targeted by trolls on social media.

Fabio Jackson, 28, shared a series of childhood photos on his TikTok in an effort to prove to doubters that he's not had any plastic surgery or other procedures to make himself more like MJ later in life, and revealed he's been dealing with the comparisons since he was in primary school.

'I was bullied at school because I looked so much like Michael. It was hard,' he said. 'As you can see from my video, nothing has changed in my looks. I’ve just grown up, my jaw has got wider, my teeth have shifted, my eyes are still the same and yes I still have my long hair like Michael.'



As an adult, the resemblance has continued to affect his day-to-day life, with Jackson claiming that he often gets stopped in the street, shouted at and asked for selfies by people who can't get past the uncanny resemblance.

'People are usually very happy to see me and thank me as if I did something to achieve Michael’s look, but it’s natural,' he says, explaining he's been using TikTok to try and convince people that his resemblance to the star is just a bizarre coincidence.

MJ himself faced plenty of questions over his appearance, especially as a result of his skin condition, vitiligo, which caused his skin to become paler later in his life, and Jackson has acknowledged that he now considers the icon to be a huge inspiration in how he goes about his own life.

Fabio Jackson (News Dog Media)
Fabio Jackson (News Dog Media)

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'When people look at me, they see this famous face so I have to balance it out and try to be a good influence to the world,' he said. 'Michael has been like a teacher to me. I don’t see myself as a huge fan but I appreciate the man and the way he tried to do so much for the world.'

Jackson's video revealing his childhood photos has gone viral on TikTok, receiving more than 1.7 million views and a shocked response from many viewers.

'I think it’s safe to say that he doesn’t look like Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson looks like him,' one person wrote, with another joking, 'So Michael Jackson copied you.'


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