Mick Jagger Doesn't Get 'Superficial' Harry Styles Comparison

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Mick Jagger Doesn't Get 'Superficial' Harry Styles Comparison
Mick Jagger Doesn't Get 'Superficial' Harry Styles Comparison (Alamy)

Mick Jagger has wave away the comparison between himself and Harry Styles, describing it as ‘superficial’. 

The Rolling Stones legend opened up about all sorts of subjects in a new interview with The Sunday Times, including the former One Direction singer.

Styles has been compared to the famous frontman throughout his solo career due to his androgynous style, most notably wearing a Jagger-inspired sparkling red jumpsuit in his music video for As It Was


He even impersonated a hyperbolised version of the Rolling Stones singer for a Saturday Night Live sketch back in 2017.

Check it out:


But the 78-year-old rock star has quashed these observations, saying that while he has an ‘easy’ friendship with the 28-year-old singer, the resemblance is ‘superficial’. 


The topic of conversation came up when Jagger discussed his reputation as a chameleon, leading onto the idea that he inspired Styles’ ‘early 70s look’. 

“I like Harry – we have an easy relationship,” he told the paper. “I mean, I used to wear a lot more eye make-up than him. Come on, I was much more androgynous. 

“And he doesn’t have a voice like mine or move on stage like me; he just has a superficial resemblance to my younger self, which is fine – he can’t help that.”


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Well, you certainly can’t knock his confidence. 

Jagger made these comments ahead of The Rolling Stones’ upcoming Sixty Tour, marking a whopping six decades since the band first got together. 

He’ll be performing alongside bandmates Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood, aged 78 and 74 respectively. 

The tour consists of 14 dates, a significant reduction from their previous run of 58, which was cut short by the pandemic – but it’s understandable given the trio’s ages, something Jagger delved into during his interview. 


“Rock’n’roll, or any kind of pop music honestly, isn’t supposed to be done when you’re in your seventies – it wasn’t designed for that,” he said. 

Mick Jagger says he was 'much more androgynous' than Harry Styles. Credit: Alamy
Mick Jagger says he was 'much more androgynous' than Harry Styles. Credit: Alamy

“Doing anything high-energy at this age is really pushing it. But that makes it even more challenging. So it’s, like, ‘OK, we’ve got to f***ing do this right,’ but it’s got to be as full-on as possible.”

As for whether the Stones would consider a hologram tour like Abba, Richards chimed in: “What’s the point of that? I’m dying to leave home for a few days. I’d never leave the house otherwise.”


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