Mumford & Sons Guitarist Slammed For Endorsing Book About ‘Radical’ Antifa

by : Julia Banim on : 07 Mar 2021 15:00
Mumford & Sons Guitarist Slammed For Endorsing Book About 'Radical' AntifaPA Images/Winston Marshall/Twitter

Mumford & Sons guitarist Winston Marshall has been slammed for endorsing a book about ANTIFA’s supposed ‘radical plan to destroy democracy’.

The book in question, entitled Unmasked, was written by Andy Ngo, a right-wing journalist and social media personality who has long taken aim at left-wing policies and what he regards to be a climate of political correctness.


Ngo’s work has previously been criticised for containing inaccuracies. His 2018 article A Visit to Islamic England, for example, claimed that England was being taken over by fundamentalist Islam, giving false and misleading facts to support his theory.

Within this article, a sign in London that read ‘alcohol restricted zone’ was falsely presented as evidence of Islamic dominance in Whitechapel. This actually just turned out to be a public safety ordinance intended to discourage antisocial drunkenness from local pubgoers.

Despite having made The New York Times bestseller list, Ngo’s new book has now also been panned by critics for containing misleading information. For example, Alexander Nazaryan of The Los Angeles Times wrote that ‘distortions and untruths hover like flies around every shred of confirmable fact’.


Furthermore, the book – which claims ANTIFA is on a mission to ‘destroy the nation-state, America in particular’ – won’t be stocked by the iconic Portland bookstore, Powell’s Books.

Marshall, who has been the banjoist and lead guitarist for Mumford & Sons since 2007, has now tweeted a picture of his copy of the controversial book, writing the following message of support to Ngo:

Finally had the time to read your important book

You’re a brave man.

MumfordPA Images

Many people have been left shocked and disappointed to see the folk musician show support for Ngo, with one person tweeting:

1) Do not congratulate

2) Not an important book

3) Ngo isn’t brave. He’s a well documented liar and propagandist

Get your head out of your ass.

Another wrote:

You really f*cked it up this time, didn’t you, my dear?


A third person said:

Just out of interest, you do know the alternative term for being anti-Antifa?


This isn’t the first time Marshall has come under fire for associating with controversial individuals. In 2018, the band was forced to respond after they were photographed posing with far-right academic Jordan Peterson.

As per NME, Peterson has previously described Islamophobia as ‘a word created by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons’, and believes that white privilege is a ‘Marxist lie’.

At the time, Marshall explained he had invited Peterson to the band’s studio after becoming interested with his work in the field of psychology, remarking, ‘I don’t think that having a photograph with someone means you agree with everything they say.’

However, this time, Marshall appears to have made his appreciation for Ngo’s writing and views quite clear, and has yet to make a follow-up statement on the matter.

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