New Justin Bieber Fan Video Proves He’s Still A Massive D*ck


Justin Bieber has been trying to clean up his image over the past year or so, and it was kind of working until he told fans he doesn’t want to pose for photographs anymore.

And after this video, we wouldn’t be surprised if his remaining fans alienate him altogether.

Footage shared on Twitter shows Justin massively shading a fan who innocently tried to approach him for a hug.

The shut down from JB went down this Monday at Barney’s in New York where Biebs was promoting his new clothing collaboration with Jerry Lorenzo.

Go to barneys now !!! My new collection with @jerrylorenzo! Grab your purpose tour gear

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Bearing in mind that Bieber said he would no longer be posing with fans, she probably should have anticipated his reaction – which was just a straight up ‘no’.

As he walks off, the fan turns around to face the camera, obviously a bit shocked at his latest dickhead move.

Biebs’ shut down comes after he claimed earlier this year that he ‘feels like a zoo animal’ and that he needed distance from his fans to ‘keep his sanity’.

I would sympathise with the guy if he was shopping incognito and just wanted some peace, but Bieber was there to promote his clothing line – which usually entails mingling with the public. So denying an adoring fan a hug with a cold ‘no’ is a tad heartless.


While he doesn’t have to give every fan a hug or autograph, his delivery definitely could have been much better.

Looks like his attempt to clean up his image is having the opposite of the desired effect, to be honest.