New Socially Distanced Vertical Concerts Could Be The Future Of Live Music

by : Cameron Frew on : 24 Jul 2020 17:22
New Socially Distanced Vertical Concerts Could Be The Future Of Live MusicO.Torvald/Facebook

In a post-pandemic world, the prospect of live music events may evoke anxiety for some. However, in Ukraine, one act had a genius idea. 

Never have the words ‘social distancing’ had such ubiquitous use. As we emerge from the strictness of lockdown, we’re all trying to figure out the best way to return to normal social events, whether it be the cinema or concerts.


Right now, a crowded gig would be a nightmarish prospect. Also, efforts to enforce distancing between attendees on the floor would be pretty difficult. Here’s the solution: vertical concerts.

Have a look at what a ‘vertical concert’ looks like in the video below: 

‘Vertical concerts’ could be the future of live entertainment

Instead of buying tickets, fans booked hotel rooms for private balcony views 🎸🎟

Posted by In The Know Innovation on Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Over the past few months, a number of musicians have taken to Instagram Live for virtual concerts. While they’re a nice temporary replacement, not every act is prepared to surrender to the screen.


Ukrainian rock group O.Torvald have since performed one of the world’s first vertical concerts, playing on a rooftop across from the Bratislava Hotel in Kiev. Instead of buying tickets to the show, fans booked rooms at the hotel, with up to four people allowed on each balcony overlooking the band.

O.Torvald Vertical ConcertO.Torvald/Facebook

Before the show kicked off last Saturday, July 18, O.Torvald’s frontman Zhenya Halych was incredibly excited for their first live concert in months due to the outbreak. He also took aim at the idea of virtual concerts sticking around, describing them as ‘like sex with a rubber girl’.

As per Live For Live Music, Halych said: 


We’ve been looking forward to this concert, you can finally look into the eyes of who you’re performing for. Not in the screens of monitors and cameras, but to see and feel this crazy energy from the people in front of you.

It’s hard to put into words when you perform. in front of the hotel, and people from all balconies sing your songs in chorus, shine lanterns and make ‘snow’ from napkins. Pure buzz.

O.Torvald Vertical Concert 2O.Torvald/Facebook

O.Torvald’s concert was the third to be organised around the hotel, following Green Grey’s first performance on June 7 and hip-hop group TNMK on July 4. It’s clearly a successful concept, so the Bratislava Hotel has two more shows soon: Pianoboy on August 8 and Scriaban on August 15.

Ігор Фомін зробив нам круті фото з вертикального. Всім, кого так само тримає як і нас, нагадуємо, що зовсім скоро знову зустрінемось на Платформа арт-завод 🔥🎫 Квитки: https://concert.ua/event/otorvald

Posted by O.Torvald on Wednesday, July 22, 2020


Time will tell whether the world will follow in Eastern Europe’s footsteps. With regards to film-going, a new cinema in Paris is looking to introduce a ‘new era’ of theatres: circular, luxurious booths stacked on top of each other, with limited seats in each one. Basically, it’s the Galactic Senate.

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