Nicki Minaj Goes Full Bad Bitch At Concert Security Guard

by : UNILAD on : 26 Mar 2016 12:41

You had one job mate, one fucking job.


Nicki Minaj has no patience for people who can’t do their jobs it seems, as video emerges of her going into full bad bitch mode at a security guard she catches slacking.

According to The Mirror, the guy was part of her security team at a show in Dubai on Friday, and Nicki didn’t take kindly to the fact he was sitting on his phone while he was meant to be keeping her safe.


The video shows the singer halting mid-song while she storms over to the security guard at the side of the stage.


Nicki than puts her hand out, takes the phone off him and tosses it across the stage before getting on with the show.

And her fans were quick to flood social media with support for the singer, with one writing:

When you’re getting paid a lot of money to protect someone for a specific amount of time, you spend that time protecting them, especially while in a very public environment. Basically, though it wasn’t pc what she did, he had it coming.


Fair enough really, if you’re paid to be security, then be security – don’t just sit on your arse playing with your phone.

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