Nirvana Make Shock Statement: ‘Kurt Cobain Is Alive’

by : UNILAD on : 14 Sep 2016 08:00

Fans have run wild with conspiracy theories that Kurt Cobain faked his own death in 1994 after footage of a Peruvian singer bearing a (almost in-existent) resemblance to Cobain resurfaced from 2012.


Just like the conspiracy theory that Michael Jackson was seen in his daughter’s selfie, or that Tupac, James Dean, and pretty much every other celebrity all faked their own deaths, this theory is absolutely ridiculous.

On Monday, the Daily Mail reported that fans of Cobain were sure they’d found proof the late rocker is actually alive and well in the form of Peruvian singer Ramiro Saavedra on the South American country’s talent show Yo Soy.

Here’s the evidence:


It doesn’t matter that Saavedra looks nothing like Cobain or played with his right hand, fans just cared about how much he sounded like him.

And Nirvana responded:

Es cierto, Kurt está vivo. Necesitaba tiempo para aprender a tocar la guitarra con la mano derecha. Encontrar guitarras…

Posted by Nirvana on Monday, September 12, 2016

The post, which links to the Daily Mail article, reads:

It is true, Kurt is alive. He needed time to learn to play the guitar with his right hand. Finding left-handed guitars is not easy. We are so happy to have him back and forgive him for all of the sadness that we have held so deeply in our hearts.

If you’re fluent in sarcasm, that all translates to: No, Kurt Cobain is definitely not alive, guys.

And when it all backfired with the public for being ‘insensitive’, the person in charge of the band’s Facebook account added: “I thought people like conspiracy theories. I can’t do anything right!”

So there you have it.

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