One Of Lil Peep’s Final Instagram Posts Was A Tragic Cry For Help

by : UNILAD on : 16 Oct 2017 17:19

In the days leading up to his tragic death, rapper Lil Peep filled his Instagram with what appears to be cries for help.


It was reported this morning that the young rapper, whose real name was Gustav Åhr, was taken to hospital following an overdose and died shortly afterwards at the age of 21.

Only in August the emo rapper released his debut album, Come Over When You’re Sober (Part One).

At the time of his death the hip-hop star had been on tour which was scheduled to end in two days’ time.


Over the past few days, the rapper posted numerous photos and videos on Instagram which talked about both drugs and death.

Only yesterday he shared a photo of himself standing in front of a neon sign reading ‘Cry Baby’ which he captioned ‘when I die you’ll love me’.

Before performing at a gig in El Paso, Texas, Lil Peep filmed a video of himself claiming he had taken six Xanax pills.

With his speech slurred, he said:

El Paso. I took six Xanax and I was lit. I’m good, I’m not sick. I’mma see y’all tonight.

Although the lyrics of his songs regularly made reference to cocaine, ecstasy and Xanax addictions, the rapper has previously claimed on social media that he was a ‘productive junkie’ and didn’t take any drugs.


Following these posts, the rapper also filmed an eerie video which showed him smoking with a friend.

He captioned it with what people are interpreting as being a cry for help:

I just wanna be everybody’s everything. I want too much from people but then I don’t want anything from them at the same time.

You feel me. I don’t let people help me but I need help but not when I have my pills but that’s temporary.

One day maybe I won’t die young and I’ll be happy? What is happy? I always have happiness for like 10 seconds and then it’s gone. I’m getting so tired of this.

Both fans and others from the world of music have been taking to social media to pay tribute to the young star.

DJ Marshmello wrote:

I cant even believe this. We were just talking last week about working on a song together and now you’re gone. You will be missed.

None of us are promised tomorrow. Make sure everyday counts.

Don’t wait until someone’s gone to tell them how much you love them, forgive and forget any issues with those you care about and realise that we all are only here for a limited amount of time.

American rapper, singer and songwriter Post Malone was also saddened by the death of such a young talent and friend, writing:

In the short time that I knew you, you were a great friend to me and a great person.

Your music changed the world and it’ll never be the same. I love you bud. Forever. I wanna cry.


Many of his fans when sharing their condolences have defended Lil Peep from those who are criticising him saying that depression and addiction are no jokes.

Our thoughts are with his friends, family and loyal fans. RIP.

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