One Photo Puts Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper Romance Rumours To Bed

Irina Shayk reaction to Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's Oscar performanceABC

While many celebrity relationships start on the film set, one picture proves Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are co-stars and nothing more. 

A few too many people seem to have got caught up in the story line of A Star Is Born and need to be reminded that the two actors are just that; actors.

After appearing together in the 2018 film, Gaga and Cooper performed the Oscar-winning song Shallow at the Academy Award show last night (February 24).

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In performing the hit, which forms an integral part of A Star Is Born, it’s only natural the pair would slip back into their characters and bring the film to life for all of its fans.

Music videos and performances are often made up of collaborating singers getting up close and personal and no one bats an eyelid, because it’s all for show.

But for some reason fans are convinced it’s different for Gaga and Cooper, with many people commenting on how close they got during the performance.

One person wrote:

Still riveted by that performance last night at the Oscars…my toothbrush doesn’t come as close to my mouth as Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper did to each other.

While another added:

I honestly thought Lady Gaga was going to kiss Bradley Cooper at the end. That was so close.

A third curious person tweeted:

Are Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga an item? They sure look close and loved up

If the pair were portraying real feelings I’m sure Cooper’s girlfriend Irina Shayk wouldn’t be too impressed, but her standing ovation after the performance proved just how proud and happy she was.

Footage of her reaction was shared on Twitter, where journalist Chris Gardener wrote:

Here’s what standing ovation looked like inside Dolby for @ladygaga and Bradley Cooper after their “Shallow” #Oscars performance. Irina Shayk was first up out of her seat.

The 33-year-old can be seen at the front jumping up to her feet by the right hand set of stairs and bursting into applause, and it’s not just Cooper she’s clapping for.

Any romance rumours about the co-stars are blown out of the water with one picture, which shows Shayk and Gaga hugging after the singer accepted the award for Best Original Song.

Check it out:

They obviously have a good relationship; that’s not the embrace of two people caught up in a love triangle.

Another image shows Cooper kissing his girlfriend, again dispelling any loving illusions between himself and the Bad Romance singer.

Take a look:

I’m sure the rumours will continue for as long as Gaga and Cooper are friends, but it looks like the Silver Linings Playbook star is more than happy with his girlfriend.

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