Paris Jackson Posts And Deletes Rare Photo Of Blanket


Little is known about Blanket Jackson – besides of course his infamous 15 minutes of fame back in 2002 which took the world by storm.

The incident I am referring to dates back to November 2002, when Blanket’s father, MJ, who was clearly not in a good head space at the time, decided to dangle his infant son, real name Prince Michael Jackson II (yep, we know), out of his hotel room.

Ever since Prince II has drifted out of the public eye and reportedly lives with his co-guardians, Katherine and cousin Tito, as well as his siblings, Paris and Michael Joseph, according to Refinery29.

Although I respect Blanket’s desire to keep a low profile the same cannot be said for his sister Paris who’s making headlines here, there, and everywhere.

Just recenty Paris shared a snap of the family to Instagram – including, you guessed – Blanket – who’s looking one helluva lot different than he did as an infant.


As you can probably already tell Blanket is the one in the black hoodie with a resemblance to his father who died back in 2009.

Weirdly – the above pic was rather rapidly deleted from Instagram for reasons we do not know.

Interestingly and not unexpectedly, a source told Radar Online that Prince II ‘always thought that the name Blanket sounded so stupid and resented his father for calling him that’.

I can’t say I blame him!