Paul Rudd Enjoying A Foo Fighters Gig Is The Video You Need To See Today


Is there anything more wholesome than seeing a loveable celebrity take a break from their commitments and let their hair down to just enjoy something? Answer: no.

Which is why I’m blessing your timelines with a video of Paul Rudd, headbanging and singing his way through a Foo Fighters gig last week (February 2).

The actor attended the gig – a pre-Super Bowl concert in Atlanta – on Saturday night and appeared to be completely immersed in the moment as he sang along with the band.

Rudd proved that he was no Stacked Actor(s) by fully embracing Dave Grohl and co.’s performance, headbanging without a care in the world and living his best life.

The Anchorman actor appeared to be completely unaware he was being filmed during the band’s cover of Blitzkrieg Bop by The Ramones – making the moment that little bit more wholesome.

Composer Aaron Chewning posted the incredible video on his Twitter account the next day, proving to his followers that Paul Rudd is just an all round great guy.

Check it out below:

There you have it, ladies and gents. Watch that and tell me that Paul Rudd does not deserve to be protected at all costs.

The man’s an actual hero.

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