People Are Convinced The Illuminati Are Trying To Kill Post Malone

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Post Malone – the rapper, singer, and tattoo artist’s canvas – was involved in a serious car crash in the early hours of Friday, September 7, in West Hollywood.

The rapper’s Rolls Royce reportedly collided with a Kia before crashing through a fence and coming to a stop in some hedges.

The incident occurred at around 2.40am in Beverley Hills. The car owned by the 23-year-old musician was being driven by his assistant, with Posty in the passenger seat, reports Billboard.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident. However, as the crash comes just a few weeks after Post’s private jet had to make an emergency landing, some fans are convinced there’s something sinister behind it all.

Namely, the Illuminati, of course.

Malone acknowledged the accident, tweeting ‘god must hate me lol’, but his fans and conspiracy theorists had other ideas.

One person ominously replied:

it’s not that he hates you it’s just that the illuminati is taking YOU out next

Another commented:

are you sure you’re not being targeted by the illuminati?!

Another couldn’t help but think of the 27 club:

Yr Illuminati contract’s runnin out boooi u 23 so historically u probably got 4 years left on that thaang

Others were quick to stick up for the rapper:

Speaking to The Blast after the crash, however, Posty was shaken but defiant.

He said:

God’s gotta hate me. I’m fine, man. Somebody came and hit us…. We spun out. Almost a plane and almost a car. You can’t f*ckin’ kill me, you motherf*ckers.

Last month, Post Malone was on a private plane, headed for Reading Festival. Shortly after taking off from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, however, the plane’s tyres blew out, forcing the pilots to make an emergency landing.

A source revealed air traffic control at the site told the pilot to continue the flight to Massachusetts for a safer potential crash landing. After circling the air for some time, though, the plane finally landed at Stewart International Airport, New York.

The private jet reportedly had 16 people on board – Posty and his entourage, as well as the flight crew.

Just minutes after the plane landed, the rapper tweeted to his followers, to let them know he was safe and well, thanking them for their well-wishes.

Malone’s tweet read:

i landed guys. thank you for your prayers. can’t believe how many people wished death on me on this website. f*ck you. but not today. [sic]

Following the incident, many of Post Malone’s fans have taken to Twitter to suggest the problems with the plane might have been part of an attempted murder plot.

One person replied:

Illuminati trying to kill my boy!!! Not Todayyyyyy

Still, all these close calls with death aren’t doing Posty’s career any harm. His first album, Stoney, recently broke a record held by Michael Jackson for 34 years.

That’s not all, either, he also broke a 54-year-old record held by the Beatles for most songs simultaneously in the top 20.

Illuminati or not, it can’t be all bad for Post Malone.

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