People Are Unhappy About The Petition To Stop Kanye Making Bowie Tribute

by : Tom Percival on : 25 Jan 2016 10:23
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People unhappy at the petition to stop Kanye West covering David Bowie’s songs so now they’ve started a petition – fucking hell, can we start a petition to stop petitions? 

After the death of the legendary David Bowie earlier this month rumours  began almost immediately that the’ voice of a generation’ was working on an album which would feature covers of some of Bowie’s iconic songs, including ‘Heroes’ and ‘Starman’.

The i100 report  that not everyone was happy with this and they began petition to stop West from recording any Bowie songs which at time of writing has over 24,000 signatures.

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The petitions reads:

David Bowie was one of the single most important musicians of the 20th and 21st century, it would be a sacrilege to let it be ruined by Kanye West.

However a counter-petition is now doing the rounds, created by Caspar Salmon, which wants to petition parliament with ‘Kanye Must Do Whatever He Wants All The Time’.


The counter-petition reads:

We call on Kanye West, the incredible musician and endlessly exciting human, to keep doing whatever the fuck he wants for as long as he wants. This will lead to racist white people having headaches and everybody else having a great time.

To be honest we’re on board with the counter-petition because we don’t really give a fuck, Kanye will continue to do whatever he wants and no one’s going to force you to listen to Kanye’s album.

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