People Are Wondering What The Hell Olly Murs Has In His Shorts


What on God’s green earth has Olly Murs got lurking in the confines of his tighty whities?

A girthy boomerang? An incredibly curvy banana? A strategicaly placed bratwurst? Or just a semi-erect phallus?

At the minute the only certainty is that everybody is staring at it. Male, female, old, and young, staring and wondering – eyes and mind drifting to lands they’re yet to explore. Hearts are skipping beats (sorry).

Here’s the photo – and yes, in a weird way, it is graphic.

Excited to see the video ??

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With his hands on his hips and a fuckless grin on his face, Olly stands like Ares with what can only be described as the sturdy imprint of a blue-veined sausage creating quite the bulge in his shorts.

Apparently the story goes that the 33-year-old was dressed as a tennis star for his new music video with Louisa Johnson.

And yes – nobody is talking about the single, but about the x-rated member.

Well that’s one way to get publicity.