People Seriously Think Will Smith Killed Tupac

by : UNILAD on : 02 Mar 2017 19:38

On September 7, 1996 one of the world’s finest poets, lyricists, and rap artists Tupac Shakur was shot four times. 


He had been to watch Mike Tyson vs Bruce Seldon with Suge Knight and had got into an argument after leaving the MGM Grand.

Hours later a car pulled up alongside Knight’s BMW, rolled down their windows, and fired rapidly at Pac. He died just days later.


Now, who killed Tupac has been debated since the very night he died and 21 years later we are still no closer to finding out.


However some Internet conspiracists think they’ve cracked it. Will Smith.

According to discussion forum, ThisIs50, one regular contributor is almost certain that Will Smith, the squeaky clean, mildly funny, ‘rapper’ and actor, was behind the murder of 2pac.

I’ll let them do the explaining…

Who was 2pac’s closests friend from the time he was in school until he died? Jada Pinkett, maybe Will knew he couldn’t marry & have kids with her until he took out the other man in her life. As 2Pac said ‘Jada is my heart’ in Tupac Resurrection. 

Who was considered as a great rapper turned actor and had potential to be a leading man, in feature film roles? Tupac.

Maybe Will couldn’t stand the fact that a Gangsta Rapper that would’ve been competition in rap, would also be tough competition for acting roles.

While Bad Boys and Independence Day were box office hits, people always commented about how great 2Pac was in Juice, Poetic Justice, and Gridlock’d

Who’s music benefited greatly when 2Pac (And also Big, but that ain’t the case here) died? Will Smith.

He had a lot of hits right after 2Pac died. Men In Black, Gettin Jiggy Wit It, Just The 2 Of Us. His music career stalled after Summertime, but after Pac died, he had hit after hit.


It goes on…

Who was the person who brought Biggie, and 2Pac’s mother’s out at the VMA’s? Will Smith. A great cover to bring out the person you had killed, mother and the person who people thought was her sons rival’s mother.

No one would suspect a thing from a guy who is bringing 2 mothers who just lost their sons together.

Who in that same show with Biggie and Pac’s mom said he didn’t have to: “Make songs swearing and rapping about robbing or killing anybody?”

Big Willie Style, maybe that was a hint, everyone talks about how rappers don’t live what they write. Will Smith never wrote songs about killing people, what does that tell you?


Ironically Machiavellian from the Men In Black guy.

Take what you want from that. I don’t mean to be controversial but I don’t buy it and while it’s ever so slightly strange it’s more terrifying that there are folk out there that believe this dog shit.

Now give this a listen. 

Rest in peace Tupac.

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