People Think David Cameron Is Secretly Performing On X-Factor In Disguise

cameroniGetty / ITV

It’s one of life’s grandest mysteries. A question which has plagued and will continue to plague us for millenia. Is Honey G just David Cameron in drag?

Well have you ever seen them in the same room at the same time? I certainly haven’t…


The great people of social media everywhere have seemingly put 2+2 together and came out with the shocking conclusion that our former Prime Minister is indeed Honey-G, reports The Sun.

And it makes sense. David Cameron‘s been out of a job for a good while after waving bye bye to Downing Street back in June and strolling away from his MP role in Witney last month. And Honey G, well similarly to Cameron, she manages to fuck over the nation at least once a week too.

Oh, and they look entirely alike.

On last night’s show Honey-G stormed onto centre stage looking like she’d be coated in tinfoil and handed a snapback before she gave what I can only describe as the most cringe-worthy rendition of Tupac’s California Love that has ever polluted my ears.

When I say Honey, you say G. Honey. G. Honey. G.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

What the fuck have we become in the midst of all this conservative fuckery. Five million tuned into the X Factor last night. Five million people tuned in for that. What an embarrassment we have all become…