People Think Elvis Visited Graceland On His 82nd Birthday

by : Tom Percival on : 16 Jan 2017 15:40

Conspiracy theorists are convinced they’ve got photographic evidence that Elvis Presley is in fact alive and well.

Despite the King of Rock and Roll dying in 1977 fans are positive that a recent photo of a bearded man at an event to celebrate what would have been the star’s 87th Birthday proves he’s alive.


And while the bearded man bears absolutely no resemblance to Elvis fans are positive that the Jail House Rock singer wanted to enjoy the festivities with his fans at the cake-cutting ceremony in Graceland.

Elvis Lives Facebook

The photos were posted to the Facebook page named ‘Elvis Presley Is Alive’ and show the anonymous man stood in a black jacket, cap and shades while bodyguards stand in the background.

And while the majority of people have dismissed the claims as horseshit, including the man in the photo, there are a number of people who believe this is really the King.


Fan Susan Bradley wrote that she noticed the man at a few points during the video and wondered if it was him. She thinks that he’s simply hiding in plain site again.


Meanwhile Janet Porter claims she got so excited when she noticed the man as she knew it was Elvis straight away.

A few voices of reason pointed out that the man’s face is the wrong shape and that you know, Elvis is dead, but it fell on deaf ears.


Possibly the most outrageous claim is that isn’t the King but is in fact Jesse Garon Presley, the stillborn identical twin brother of Elvis who in fact survived his birth.

For years conspiracy theorists have convinced themselves that Presley faked his death and went into hiding to escape the pressures of celebrity but this is desperate even for them.

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