People Think This Selfie Proves Biggie Smalls Isn’t Dead

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In February 1997 the world lost the iconic rapper Biggie Smalls, aka Christopher Wallace, in a brutal shooting. Or did it?

A selfie taken at a stag do appears to show Biggie Smalls chilling with a group of partying blokes, according to commenters online.

Instagram user Nass Kitojo is the man claiming to have spotted The Notorious B.I.G. chilling in the background of his drunken evening.

#10 sleeps….

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His claims, as with most of these dead celebrity sightings, are backed up with a suspiciously blurry selfie:

His caption reads:

I don’t know if I was too drunk last night but I swear biggie came to my bachelor party…. Biggie is alive…

Regardless of the photos quality, I mean I’ve seen clearer pictures of the Loch Ness Monster, it was enough to convince some of Nass’s followers that he’d snapped the real Biggie alive and well:


The picture was taken the best part of a year ago, but has resurfaced after the Daily Star brought it to the attention of the masses.

It is unclear how Big Poppa has managed to remain looking so youthful in the 20 years since his fatal shooting. Or indeed why he’d choose a random stag do as his return to the world.

Maybe he was getting annoyed that people keep spotting Tupac alive and well too.

Perhaps the east coast west coast feud continues beyond the grave?