Perrie Edwards Accused Of Photoshopping Her Bum In Instagram Post

by : UNILAD on : 22 Jun 2017 14:02

Perrie Edwards has been accused on Instagram of Photoshopping her bum to make it look bigger.


The Little Mix singer was on the receiving end of some ire for apparently doctoring her own images.

In the picture, Perrie can be seen sat on a swing in the sea, taking in the rays, showing off her bum.

You would think everyone would just take that as it was and move on. But no. People want answers, for some reason.


The photo, captioned ‘My boy got views’, drew comments from critics.

One user wrote:

Booty+photoshop=no like

Another added:

So airbrushed!

On the other hand, fans of the singer were quick to jump in to her defence.

One hit back:


Two middle fingers for the haters. My queen doesn’t Photoshop her body.

I guess we’ll never truly know whether Perrie Edward’s bum is as true to her upload, but with the right amount of determination, and a hunger for the truth, we will find an answer.

In fact, I might start a change.org petition to get this brought into the hands of Parliament.

Perrie, if you’re reading, which there’s a good chance you are, don’t be scared to get in touch.

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