Post Malone Goes To Club With $50,000 In Singles To Throw Around

by : Cameron Frew on : 02 Feb 2020 17:14
Post Malone Goes To Club With $50,000 In Singles To Throw AroundPost Malone Goes To Club With $50,000 In Singles To Throw Around11Miami/Instagram

Picture the scene: you’re out at the club and have no money left. Don’t worry, Post Malone might walk by and chuck you some cash!

Actors, actresses, musicians, celebrities and football fans have descended upon Florida for tonight’s Super Bowl LIV, which will see the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs go head-to-head.


As people get ready for the climactic clash of the National Football League championship, plenty were out enjoying themselves on Friday, January 31. However, if you didn’t stop by 11Miami, consider yourself very unlucky.

You can check out Post Malone’s clubbing antics in the video below: 

The Sunflower singer rocked up to the city’s 24-hour ‘superclub’ with $50,000 worth of single dollar bills, shortly after performing at Bootsy On The Water Miami Takeover at Virginia Key Beach Park.


The 24-year-old’s performance was delayed slightly after Miami was hit with torrential downpour on Friday. As he went on, he told the audience: ‘Apologise for the tardiness, the weather is pretty sh*tty. Want to thank everyone who walked through a foot of rain. Thank you for listening to these sh*tty f*cking songs, too.’

Who was all that money for at the club? Well, it wasn’t for Posty himself, as he then proceeded to waltz around handing out bundles of notes to people in attendance. Unsurprising really – we all knew he had plenty of ‘green hundreds in his safe’.

Footage of the musician’s generosity was later posted to 11Miami’s Instagram stories, letting all of its 194,000 followers watch on as club-goers were treated to a little bit of disposable income.


Talking to TMZ about his night, Post Malone said he’s ‘not really a strip club kind of guy anymore’, so when he goes out he likes to treat his friends and those around him to some cash, rather than throwing it away.

He also offered his respects and ‘all the strength and love in the world to the Bryant family’, following the recent death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna.

The pair, along with seven others, died in a freak helicopter crash in Calabasas, California on January 26. Millions have tributes have been pouring in ever since, with touching sentiments from a number of high-profile celebrities: for example, Sylvester Stallone says there should be a statue of the late basketball legend next to Rocky’s in Philadelphia.


More than three million people have also signed a petition calling on the NBA to ‘immortalise’ Bryant in the form of a new logo.

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  1. TMZ

    POST MALONE 50,000 REASONS TO CELEBRATE IN MIAMI ... $1 Bills For Everyone!!! 2/1/2020 1:37 PM PT TMZ.com 1:36 PM PT -- We got Post Saturday after his all-nighter, and he explained why he was flinging around so much cash in a place that was NOT a strip club. He's got a pretty interesting answer. TMZ.com According to PM, he's not really a strip club kind of guy ... at least not anymore, anyway. So, he says he likes to treat his pals to his own dough when they go out. So, instead of blowing thousands on some gals, he says he takes care of his own ... and anyone else who might find a loose bill around when Post's in the building. He also touches on the death of Kobe Bryant and shares some touching words for Vanessa and the rest of the families. Post's not a Lakers fan per se, but he knows what KB did for the sport. Post Malone came bearing strip club-esque gifts to a regular night club ahead of Super Bowl LIV in Miami ... and people were just as willing to stoop low for a taste of cheddar. The singer touched down in Miami a couple days before kickoff on Friday, and at the ass crack of dawn of 5 AM the next day ... he popped into E11EVEN Miami -- a 24/7 "ultraclub" -- in a celebratory mood. And, by that, we mean he was ready to start chucking cash. We got this video of Posty being hand-delivered a few different boxes full of single dollar bills ... which ended up adding up to a hefty $50,000. Looks like a delivery from heaven. Anyway, we're told PM and his crew spent the rest of the night making it rain on people for a few hours. We imagine he had his own elevated booth or VIP area somewhere, so the regular folks down below likely had paper falling on them for a while. Free for all!!! Getty BTW, this place ain't a gentlemen's club by any means. E11EVEN Miami's just a good old-fashioned disco with trapeze artists and whatnot. Nobody gets full-blown naked though. Post almost fooled us by the stacks of cash he had on hand. Bandz a make anybody dance, it seems. Originally Published -- 10:48 AM PT RELATED ARTICLES Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez party at LIV in Miami During Super Bowl Weekend Shaq's Fun House Honors Kobe During Miami Super Bowl Weekend POST MALONE MONEY PARTY ALL THE TIME SUPER BOWL EXCLUSIVE MUSIC 521 COMMENTS CLICK TO VIEW HOT VIDEO MORE FROM TMZ EXCLUSIVE DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER FOCUSING ON ME With Show on Back Burner 2/2/2020 1:00 AM PT EXCLUSIVE BRETT FAVRE ANDY REID'S A HALL OF FAMER ... 'Certainly If He Wins This Game' 2/2/2020 12:55 AM PT SUPER BOWL LIV MIAMI'S HOTEL HOT SPOTS ... Versace Mansion & More!!! 2/2/2020 12:50 AM PT EXCLUSIVE NFL'S MAURKICE POUNCEY RIPS AARON HERNANDEZ DOC ... 'It's All Bulls**t' 2/2/2020 12:45 AM PT EXCLUSIVE PORN STAR JESSE JANE BUSTED FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ... Allegedly Bit, Punched Boyfriend 2/2/2020 12:40 AM PT EXCLUSIVE CODY BELLINGER TACO SUMMIT WITH LAPD COPS! Goes Through Shooting Simulator 2/2/2020 12:35 AM PT EXCLUSIVE BOOSIE BADAZZ I'M COOL WITH GEORGIA AGAIN!!! Plea Deal in Weed Case 2/2/2020 12:30 AM PT EXCLUSIVE GARY SHEFFIELD SHADES RED SOX FOR BETTS RUMORS ... But Trade Would Put Dodgers Over The Top!!! 2/2/2020 12:10 AM PT SUPER BOWL LIV Niners Vs. Chiefs WAGs THE BEST IN THE LEAGUE!!! 2/2/2020 12:01 AM PT EXCLUSIVE DETAILS GERVONTA DAVIS PHYSICAL ALTERCATION WITH WOMAN ... At Super Bowl Event 2/1/2020 6:03 PM PT EXCLUSIVE QUAVO & TAKEOFF OFFSET DID WHAT HE HAD TO W/ PUNCH ... What Would You Do?!? 2/1/2020 4:41 PM PT JAY-Z Re-Defends NFL Deal ... ME & KAP ARE ON THE SAME TEAM 2/1/2020 3:37 PM PT BREAKING NEWS PAMELA ANDERSON SPLITS W/ 'HUSBAND' OF 12 DAYS ... Time To Re-Evaluate, Yeah??? 2/1/2020 2:27 PM PT EXCLUSIVE DABABY SUED BY ALLEGED MIAMI VICTIM 2/1/2020 1:27 PM PT EXCLUSIVE DR. OZ IF CORONAVIRUS MAKES YOU BIGOTED Time To Self-Reflect, Pal 2/1/2020 11:40 AM PT EXCLUSIVE NICKI, DABABY, LIL BABY, YO GOTTI FAT PAYDAYS FOR SUPER BOWL GIGS ... Show Us The Money!!! 2/1/2020 1:00 AM PT SHAQ'S FUN HOUSE PITBULL, DIDDY, DABABY HONOR KOBE ... During Super Bowl Weekend 2/1/2020 7:15 AM PT JEFF BEZOS, LAUREN SANCHEZ Lawsuit, Schmasuit IT'S SUPER BOWL WEEKEND, LET'S PARTY!!! 2/1/2020 7:26 AM PT DONALD TRUMP OPERA SINGER WHO CRASHED MAR-A-LAGO MUG SHOT ... Busted For Entering The Aria 2/1/2020 7:49 AM PT LOAD MORE STORIES SEARCH TMZ