Pro Green Shows Off Surgery Scar In Brutally Honest Post About Health Issues


British rapper Professor Green has showed off his surgery scars in a brutally honest and emotional Instagram post.

Professor Green, real name Stephen Manderson, opened up about his ongoing health issues as he shared a snap of his bloated stomach and large scar from a botched hernia operation.

He also thanked fans for their support and admitted he had been battling with depression in recent months.

The rap star captioned the image:

There’s no after pic yet, this is the beginning of the journey.

After surgery going wrong this year it slumped me, I look and feel like sh*t. If I still look like this in 6 months then I’ve failed.

If there hasn’t been a whole load of new music then I’ve failed. No one is going to sort me out for me, so I figured it’s probably time I did it for myself.

I can’t leave music behind knowing I haven’t peaked yet… the stuff I’ve started is the best yet – time to get it finished.

My mood at being back in my least favourite place, the hospital #whenwillitend

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Earlier this year Green was admitted to hospital to have three hernias treated but later suffered from pneumonia, a partially collapsed lung and a fluid build-up.

He often shared photos from hospital on Instagram letting his followers know how he was doing.

Green also admitted he previously hadn’t made the details public because he didn’t want to worry his grandmother.

Living it up. Discharged only to be readmitted ?

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Although Green has been going through a tough time, he has tried to make light of his situation posting entertaining photos.

In one snap he joked:

I’m telling you, when it comes to fashion – NO TIME OFF. @stellamccartney knitted comfy jumper with NHS gown, compression socks and @reebokclassicsuk workouts.

He has clearly been going through a hard time recently and we wish him all the best. Stay strong!