Radio DJ Barricades Himself In Studio, Plays ‘Last Christmas’ 24 Times In Row

by : UNILAD on : 22 Dec 2015 16:50
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When you hear a new banger and you just wanna stick it on repeat all day long…

This DJ knows all about that, as his love of Wham’s Last Christmas got taken too far live on air.


Austrian radio host Joe Kohlhofer went to extremes to get his audience in the mood for Christmas, locking himself in the studio and playing the song on repeat 24 times in a row, The Independent reports.

Kohlhofer blockaded the door with a chair at the start of his 8am show, telling his co-host Patricia Jordan he’d take care of the day’s show.


Jordan had to watch on through the glass partition as the rogue DJ started taking calls from listeners, all begging him to stop playing Last Christmas.


According to Austrian media Kohlhofer only stopped his one-man ear drum crusade when his own 4-year-old daughter rang in to tell him she didn’t like the song.

The station claims the stunt was unplanned, but after the massive amount of publicity they’ve got from it – and after the DJ wrote on his Facebook saying he’s ‘feeling proud’ of the media coverage – I don’t know if I believe them.

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  1. Independent

    Radio DJ plays Wham's Last Christmas 24 times in row after barricading himself in studio