Rage Against The Machine Respond To Trump Supporters Dancing To Anti-Racism Anthem

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Rage Against The Machine Respond To Trump Supporters Dancing To Anti-Racism AnthemPA/@Manny_Alicandro /Twitter

Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello has responded to footage of Trump supporters dancing around to the band’s iconic anti-racism anthem, Killing in the Name.

Sharing the video on Twitter, Morello admitted it was ‘not exactly what we had in mind’. The people dancing around in the video are wearing Blue Lives Matter flags and MAGA hats, and appear to be blissfully ignorant as to the actual meaning and purpose behind the song.


Released in 1992, Killing in the Name is a powerful protest song that rails against police brutality, fascism and systemic racism. Although those in the viral vid certainly appear enthusiastic, they probably should have spent time analysing the lyrics before blasting the track.

Killing in the Name features explicitly anti-racist lyrics that strongly condemn police violence. This includes the famous line, ‘those who died are justified, for wearing the badge, they’re the chosen whites’.

The video in question, which was captured in Philadelphia, shows a surprisingly positive group of Republicans jumping about in exuberant clothing, remaining defiant even as former vice president Joe Biden continues to take the lead in the 2020 presidential election.


Many of Morello’s fans couldn’t help but cringe at the baffling lack of awareness shown by the group, with one person commenting:

Wearing a Blue Lives Matter flag while singing, ‘Some of those that work forces, Are the same that burn crosses’ is peak MAGA.

Another bemused individual quipped:

Rage on behalf of the machine.


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Those involved would also have done well to brush up on the politics of Rage Against The Machine band members, with Morello’s dislike of Donald Trump being widely known among fans.


While performing with Prophets of Rage back in 2017, Morello taped the words ‘F*ck Trump’ to his guitar, making his opinion on the current president crystal clear.

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