Rapper IDK Gets Diamond Embedded Into Face Like Lil Uzi Vert

by : Julia Banim on : 23 Mar 2021 18:42
Rapper IDK Gets Diamond Embedded Into Face Like Lil Uziidk/Instagram

Rapper IDK has followed in Lil Uzi Vert’s glitzy footsteps by having a diamond embedded in his face.

IDK’s rock isn’t quite as eye-popping as Uzi’s enormous pink forehead stone – which reportedly set him back $24 million – but it still makes for a pretty bold fashion statement.


In an Instagram post entitled ‘Bling Blow’, the 28-year-old IWasVeryBad rapper uploaded a video of the small diamond being inserted into his face, just below his right eye.

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Knowing full well that comparisons would inevitably be made between his diamond and the one planted in the centre of Uzi’s forehead, IDK acknowledged in the comments that this wasn’t an original idea, before he could be called out for it.


He wrote: ‘Here before the Uzi did it first comments.’

Rapper IDK Gets Diamond Embedded Into Face Like Lil Uzi Vertidk/Instagram

And of course, although it may not be quite as flashy, there are many thrifty benefits to choosing a more modest stone, as IDK explained in a tweet:

1 flawless VVS Diamond on my face costs less than $100. I prefer investing in homes over diamonds.


Uzi reportedly obtained his diamond, said to be ’10 almost 11 carats’, from Elliot Eliantte, a jeweller favoured by various rappers who want to be seen sporting one of a kind statement pieces.

Uzi has also claimed to have saved up for his stone for more than three years, revealing on Twitter that this was his most expensive purchase ever, and that he ‘will never do it again’.

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