Rapper ‘The Game’ Posts CCTV Footage Of Man Smashing Up His Porsche

by : UNILAD on : 07 Sep 2015 17:33
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Rapper The Game has taken to social media to try and find the man who vandalised his car.


After catching the culprit who smashed up his Porsche on CCTV, the Compton emcee accompanied the video with a mighty long caption, that displayed just how annoyed he was.

For my money, if I came home to find my supercar damaged in any way – let alone totally f*cked – I would be pretty annoyed as well, and determined to catch the person responsible.

Here is the post, complete with CCTV footage and pictures of the guy:


This was his full message to the public and the vandal:

So this is how the devil works…

Every time in life you do something good, some negative s**t happens to try & detour your focus away from the positivity…… I’m out here giving people money everyday & while I’m gone this piece of s**t right here vandalizes my property & breaks all of my cars windows while I’m gone.

If you recognize this p***y or have any info please dm me & I will do the rest….. He drives a white Audi truck, has blondish/brown curly hair & is about 6’0 tall & skinny…….. & if you see this you b***h a** coward, you gone pay!


Luckily for The Game, he has 3.6 million followers on Instagram, and the post has now gone viral and has been picked up by mainstream media, so it’s pretty safe to say someone, somewhere will know the man.

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