Rapper Trouble Says He’d Let Wife Have Sex With Drake To Get Him A Feature

by : Cameron Frew on : 03 Dec 2020 10:18
Rapper Trouble Says He'd Let Wife Have Sex With Drake To Get Him A Featuretroublete6/Instagram/PA

Rapper Trouble says he’d be okay with his wife sleeping with Drake if he got a feature – ‘Why not?’ 

It’s a tale as old as, well, 1993. In Indecent Proposal, Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore are given an offer from Robert Redford: $1 million for a night with Moore.


It’s a film of pros and cons, jealousy and regret. However, for the Ain’t My Fault artist, it appears any similar offer in real life wouldn’t even be a matter for debate.

Trouble Insta 3troubledte6/Instagram

On Monday, November 30, Lil Duval took to Twitter to ask a dodgy question, ‘Would you let drake f*ck your wife for a feature?’ It attracted more than 3,200 votes.

Of the two options, 69.3% voted for ‘No can do’. However, 30.7% voted for ‘He can run thru her’.


Seemingly justifying their choice, one user wrote, ‘When has Drake not made a song number one on the charts and change someone future in the industry??’ Another user wrote, ‘Love don’t last forever a song with drake do though.’

A third wrote, ‘He can run thru anybody.. girl, wife, mom, granny. Best believe I’ll be running through anybody I want after that feature.’

The question has spread around quite a bit, eventually landing on the SayCheeseTV Instagram page, where it caught the eye of Trouble.


He commented, ‘Why not?? They gon f*kk em for free anyway if he slide into her DM. Yall soft azz n***** don’t reply to me eitha. You’ll neva undastand ah street n**** mental #OnLord.’

The rapper earlier teamed up with Drake and producer Mike WiLL-Made It on the track Bring It Back from Trouble’s debut album Edgewood. It appears another opportunity to collaborate with Drizzy is more attractive than monogamy.


Fortunately, others on the internet aren’t so keen on the idea. While most people have simply reacted laughing to how mental the question actually is, others have criticised those who said they’d let Drake have sex with their wives (it’s not really a question of let, but nevertheless).

One user wrote, ‘Hell f*cking naw I wouldn’t.’ Another wrote, ‘Desperation at its finest, seek help.’ A third wrote, ‘This sh*t sick really show… I mean if she cheat that’s one thing but I’m not fenna ‘ay f*ck this dude so I can do a song and get on’ that sh*t sick.’

A fourth tweeted, ‘For those of you who said yes you need help.’ Another wrote, ‘This is a f*cked up question to ask.’

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