Rapper Yaw Tog Mocked For Claiming He Made Stormzy ‘More Popular’

by : Cameron Frew on : 08 Jul 2021 08:20
Rapper Yaw Tog Mocked For Claiming He Made Stormzy 'More Popular'@yawtog_yt/PA Images

Rapper Yaw Tog says he made Stormzy ‘more popular’ in Ghana, a claim which has proven divisive online. 

Stormzy and Kwesi Arthur teamed up with the Ghanian artist on a remix of his breakout track Sore. The original version, which dropped in September last year, featured O’Kenneth, City Boy, Reggie and Jay Bahd.


The collab came after Stormzy took a trip to Ghana and performed his Sore verse at UPP Fest. However, not everybody agrees with the Yaw Tog after he tried to take credit for the London MC’s growing success in the country.

During a recent interview on TV3’s New Day, the host asked Yaw Tog about Stormzy making him more popular in the rap market. ‘He made me popular in this market, for sure… and I made him more popular too, because people didn’t know Stormzy in Ghana here,’ he said.

‘This boy no go learn sense one bit Stormy gave him de hit [sic],’ one user commented. ‘Yaw Tog could have just accepted the fact that Stormzy made him famous outside Ghana, there was no need for him to say he also made him more popular here sekof ego,’ another wrote.


‘Who is this guy’s manager? Clearly he needs apt media training,’ a third wrote. ‘Stormzy was and is already popular in Ghana. Probably he’s thinking he made him more popular cos he did a song together with him. Buh actually Stormzy made Yaw Tog more popular with Stormzy being a foreign artiste and the numbers he has as fans.’

Plenty of others have defended the rapper, pointing to the exact words he used. ‘There are a lot of people in the country who didn’t know Stormzy before the track boss. Those people have shot to know Stormzy now through the track. Hence he has become ‘more popular’ in Ghana which Yaw Tog said,’ one wrote.


‘Yaw Tog didn’t say anything wrong in the video so why people vex. He said he made him ‘more popular’ here which is true. For instance, if two million people in Ghana knew Stormzy before the track and now six million people know him it means he’s more popular in Ghana now or?’ another commented.

‘Relax he has a point… he’s trying to say people got to know Stormzy here in Ghana after the remix and it’s a fact. Not that some of us didn’t know him but a lot more people got to know him here after the track,’ a third wrote.

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