Rapper YFN Lucci Accidentally Fires Loaded Gun During Music Video Shoot

by : Cameron Frew on : 16 Sep 2020 18:30
Rapper YFN Lucci Accidentally Fires Loaded Gun During Music Video ShootRapper YFN Lucci Accidentally Fires Loaded Gun During Music Video Shootiamskeme/Twitter

Everyday We Lit rapper YFN Lucci accidentally fired a loaded gun during a music video shoot.

The Atlanta artist – real name Rayshawn Lamar Bennett – was seen getting ready to film a new video for an undisclosed track. In the clip, the 29-year-old slowly wanders around with what he presumably thought to be a mock assault rifle.

Now, I’m no music video director. I have no expertise in the field of organising props and the subsequent health and safety arrangements of such things. However, not bringing a loaded gun to a set seems pretty easy. Unfortunately for YFN Lucci, he got a bit of a fright.


The video, first posted to Twitter by DJ SKEME, shows the Letter from Lucci songwriter getting ready to film against a green screen, holding some form of semi-automatic rifle in his hand.

We’ve all held toy guns, and the burgeoning temptation to pull the trigger is almost impossible to resist – especially when you’re dealing with a ‘replica’ as authentic as the one in YFN Lucci’s hands.


The rapper can be seen fiddling around with the gun for the first portion of the video, as others around him take pictures and videos of him posing with it. However, things take a turn for the unexpected when he takes a closer look.

Another man comes over to help YFN Lucci as he appears to look at the mechanics of the ‘prop’, prompting a female crew member to come over and warn him not to fire it.

YFN Lucci Gun Video 2YFN Lucci Gun Video 2iamskeme/Twitter

Alas, in an instant, he disobeys her instructions. He fires it into the floor, leaving a puff of dust and a hole, provoking an ‘Oh sh*t!’ from the background. As the rapper walks to the side, looking pretty sheepish, he says: ‘That’s why you said don’t cock it.’ Just before the video ends, laughter can be heard.


Go Crazy rapper Young Thug, who’s had beef with YFN Lucci in the past, responded to the clip by tweeting: ‘Put that gun down son..’

Amid fans’ comments on the video, one user wrote: ‘YFN Lucci just lost all street credibility with me. All that rapping about guns and you don’t know gun safety and handling rules? You can’t clear a gun fool? Smh.’

Another user tweeted: ‘The man who stay talking pistol play and toting guns.. make it make sense please.’ A third wrote: ‘The fact that YFN Lucci didn’t know how to work a choppa tells me errthang I need to know.. & why these folks using a loaded choppa for a video shoot? That’s dumb af.’


Note to self: always check the guns before shooting your music videos.

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DJ SKEME/Twitter
  1. DJ SKEME/Twitter