Rihanna Has Perfect Response To Guy Who Fat-Shamed Her

by : UNILAD on : 06 May 2017 18:54

Rihanna has responded to a blogger who fat-shamed her in a post online.


In the article, which asks ‘Is Rihanna going to make being fat the hot new trend?’, Barstool Sports writer Chris Sprags poked fun at the singer.

Typically, Rihanna went above and beyond the call of duty by replying not with a blog of her own but with a meme on the ‘Gram.

The Bajan-born singer uploaded two pictures of rapper Gucci Mane side-to-side. One of him in 2007 and another in 2017.


‘If you can’t handle me at my 2007 Gucci Mane you don’t deserve me at my 2017 Gucci Mane,’ it read.

Sprags had accused Rihanna of ‘enjoying that good room service for a bit too long.’

He added:

A world of ladies shaped like the Hindenburg loaded into one-piece bathing suits may be on the horizon now that Rihanna is traipsing around out there looking like she’s in a sumo suit.


After coming under fire on Twitter from fans and sympathisers alike, Barstool founder Dave Portnoy said:

To be honest I don’t think the blog was as bad as many are making it out to be, but I’ll tell you this. It wasn’t that funny either and I could have told you with absolute certainty that feminists would hate it and use it as an example of ‘there goes Barstool being Barstool again.’

There are just certain topics that you better nail if you’re gonna write about them because you know they are hot button issues for us. So if you’re gonna blog about Rihanna gaining weight you better be funny as fuck and you better make it bullet proof.’

As far as apologies go, that’s not exactly the best is it?


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