Rihanna Holds Microphone Out For Fan, Gets Completely Upstaged


It’s probably a singers worst nightmare.

You’re performing in front of thousands upon thousands of fans, it’s all going so well and you think why not get someone up on stage to join me. I’m sure they won’t be as good as me, right?

Wrong. Rihanna got a bit of a surprise during one of her gigs after inviting one of her fans to sing.

She was performing a version of her Kanye West/Paul McCartney collaboration FourFiveSeconds when she crouched down by the edge of the stage, holding out the mic for the audience.

Normally when a superstar of her calibre thrusts a mic in your face to sing along, they normally sound dreadful, but not Terah Stewart, oh no.

Not only could the 28-year-old carry a tune, he completely blew Rihanna away, the shocked look on the singer’s face said it all really. She seemed to say ‘woah’ and ‘oh shit’ in the wake of his performance and it’s fair to say Terah was overwhelmed with his idol’s reaction.

Mind blown.