Rihanna Watches Her Own Bates Motel Debut, Reacts Brilliantly

A&E Network

Rihanna made her debut on Bates Motel last night, and she shared her viewing experience with the world.

The pop diva will only appear in two episodes of the show, as reported by UPROXX, but producers sure as hell aren’t letting her fade into the background.

Quite the opposite in fact, RiRi is playing Marion Crane, who fans of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho will recall as being slightly iconic…

And to take the edge off from watching her have televised sex in the middle of her first episode, the Caribbean Queen devised a drinking game.

Every time somebody said ‘Norman’ a shot was taken – it made for priceless entertainment on her badgirlriri livestream…

The singer was cringing hard as she watched her character taking it to the bedroom, but she soldiered on, even if it was ‘so weird!’…

The show is now in its fifth season had approached Rihanna after hearing she was a fan of the show, but originally producers weren’t confident she’d take the role.

Executive producer Carlton Cuse recalled:

[We] made a couple calls — the worst thing that can happen is just someone says no to you — [and] we had low expectations that it would happen, but it did.

How wrong they were!

Here’s RiRi’s full livestream…

Fair play to her.