Rock Band Troll David Cameron Live On TV As He’s Sat Watching


70’s band Squeeze launched a fierce attack on the Tory government, as Prime Minister David Cameron sat just metres away.

It’s fair to say they embraced the opportunity to have a dig at Cameron and expertly trolled him as he sat watching in a TV studio.

The band featured on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show this morning and specially adapted their lyrics to have a right go at the PM over social housing.

This comes after the Conservative leader was on the program to launch a project that will see more than 100 council house estates torn down and replaced with private properties.


The band changed the lyrics of Cradle To The Grave – the title track to their new album – adapting a verse to: “I grew up in social housing, part of what made Britain great, there are some here who are hell-bent, on the destruction of the welfare state.”

The BBC was reportedly not made aware of the protest beforehand, apparently…


Lead singer Glenn Tilbrook has previously hit out at the Conservative Party for being ‘seemingly intent on pursuing little people and demonising immigrants’.

The band seemed pretty chuffed with themselves as they took to Twitter after their performance…

And it seems those who watched enjoyed it too…

I bet DC wasn’t expecting that, fair play to them.