Seven Most F*cked Up Moments From Eurovision 2016

by : UNILAD on : 15 May 2016 11:01
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Personally, Eurovision isn’t really my ideal way of spending a Saturday night, but things changed when a friend of mine promised me that a bet on Sweden to finish in the top four was almost certainty. 


I’m easily swayed and almost instantly launched more than a handful of pounds on the Scandinavians before watching the incredibly tiresome show on the edge of my seat.

When Ukraine spiralled out of nowhere and pushed Sweden into fifth place, I think it’s safe to say that I did watch Eurovision; I watched Eurovision with tears eternally rolling down my cheeks.

But other than my own perpetual misery, what were the seven most ducked up moments from last nights show?

Here’s our seven.


1) Okay first up on the list is Holland, when their contestant decided to stop halfway through his song to stare directly into the camera for ten seconds, as if trying to take over your mind – smiling seductively, saying ‘vote for me’.


2) When Weird Al Yankovic / Tiny Tim decided to represent Poland:


And people really noticed:


3) This zoom as Cyrpus’ totally messed up song, which involved a bunch of guys in cages, began:


4) When the Spanish contestant threw herself at the floor before it all went black. Nobody knows if it was intentional or not. 

Even the bookies took the piss out of her. Like they did to me as they drained my bank account:


5) The phenomenally bizarre documentary about how much Sweden loves Eurovision which included shots of baptising a child ‘Katrina and the Waves’ and a maths class revolving around the Eurovision points system.


But personally my favourite two moments are up next.

6) When Australia was over 200 points in the lead and everybody thought they’d won it, including themselves.


7) Only for Ukraine to get an absolutely random massive amount of points from the public and go on to win:

Sweden Eurovision Song CompetitionSweden Eurovision Song CompetitionPA

I think it’s safe to say that this years Eurovision was the most f***ed up ever…

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